Opting In or Out

Opting In or Out

If you have previously:

  • opted out of cookies on this site, but now want to opt back in
  • opted into cookies on this site, but now want to opt out

When you selected your initial option, your preference was stored in the “cookillian_opt_out” cookie as described in our Use of Cookies page. To change your preference you will have to remove the “cookillian_opt_out” cookie from your computer.

Most modern browsers will provide the ability to this, usually under something like the “Tools / Options / Privacy” browser menu.

You can delete either the “cookllian_opt_out” cookie individually, or the “finish-line.co.uk” set of cookies en bloc.Once this has been done, close your browser, and start up a new one. You will then have the option to select your cookie preferences for this site as you did previously.

Please do not delete All Cookies! This will almost certainly result in the loss of information used by other sites you regularly use or visit.

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